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Volume 9 Issue 3


  • The Death of a Republic - by David Sims - p. 1
  • Why are we still sinning - by Sasa Galetic - p. 7
  • Mission Reports
  • Morgan Polsky - p. 9
  • Marrah Matarum-Sims - p. 10
  • The Physiology of Pain, and its Remedy - by David Sims - p. 11

Volume 9 Issue 2


Microcosms of the Time of Trouble








Volume 9 Issue 1


Did Jesus Die the Second Death?
Living Through Death
Mission Report - Reunion Island
The Gospel Work in Serbia
God's Hedge of Protection
Health Corner
Recipe: Simple Potato Salad






Volume 8 - Special Edition


Mission Report - Malaysia
Mission Report - Cambodia
Mission Report - Thailand
Mission Report - Philippines






Volume 8 Issue 1


Thoughts on Matthew 28:18-20
How to Stay Young While Getting Old
The Mission Field
The Untraceable Passport
When Scars are Healed
The Need for Gospel Order







Volume 7 Issue 3


No More Excuses
Allergy Pandemic
Philippine Report
7th Day Maranatha
Natural Body Care Recipes





Volume 7 Issue 2


News from Philippines
Understanding Prophecy Part V
Allerfy Pandemic
The Third Person of the Godhead
Gluten Free Pizza Crust
Refined by Fire





Volume 7 Issue 1


The Purpose for the Sacrificial System & Feasts
Womanhood After the Order of Christ
Finding the 8 Laws of Health in the Bible
Peru Mission Report
A Report from Philippines
Mindanao Mission Report
The Big Apple





Volume 6 Issue 1


Christ in You
A Missionary's Story
Missions Appeal
Are You A Legalist?
The 8 Laws of Health in the Bible
Think on These Things - The Law
Peruvian-Russian Potato Salad





Volume 5 Issue 3


Our Ever Present Danger Part 1
The Devils' Door Concluded
Health Corner - Other Benefits of Exercise
Taking Care with Context
Mission Report - Philippines
Faith & Works
Think on These Things - Our Serventh Day Calling
Christy's Parsley hu"mm"us




Volume 5 Issue 2


The Devils' Door
What is your Picture of a Happy Life? - Part 3
Gardening - Growing Tomatoes
Report form the Philippines
Health Corner - Exercise and Brain Power
Think on These Things - Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Raquel's Apple-berry Muesli




Volume 5 Issue 1


What is your picture of A Happy Life? - Part 2
Mission Report from Brazil
The Lunar Sabbath - Part 5
Gardening - Plant Soil & nutrition
Health Corner - Drug Resistant Pathogens
Think on These Things - Ecumenism
Special Mission Report
Raquel's Vegan Spinach-Pesto





Volume 4 Issue 4


What Is Your Picture of A Happy Life?
Fiji Mission Report
The Lunar Sabbath - Part 4
Report From The Philippines
Gardening - Green Manure
Brazil Mission Report
Health Corner - GMO & The Rise of Allergies
Think on These Things




Volume 4 Issue 3


Introspective Judgment
Gardening - Fall Activities
The Lunar Sabbath - Part 3
Health Corner - The Dangers of Supplements
A Missionary Academy - Fiji
Simply Yummy Pancakes
Think on These Things - A Holy Addiction




Volume 4 Issue 2


Is Heaven Cheap Enough?
The Lunar Sabbath - Part 2
Gardening - Amending Your Soil
Health Corner - Supplements and their Sources
World Reports
Think on These Things
Fat Free Garbanzo Patties




Volume 4 Issue 1


The Lunar Sabbath - Part 1
A Troubled Reflection
In Your Patience Posses Ye Your Souls
Soil Chemistry
The Inter-dependency of Nutrients
Does What We Believe About God Really Matter?





Volume 3 Issue 6


Camp Meeting in Okanagan Falls Report
California Camp Meeting Report
Waldensian Center Report
Structuring the Soil Part II
Testimonies from the South Pacific
Pictorial Peru Report
The Star Witness




Volume 3 Issue 5


Understanding Prophecy Part IV
Eating Through Your Skin
Waldensian Center/ Announcements
Structuring Our Soil
California 2012 Camp Meeting




Volume 3 Issue 4


Understanding Prophecy Part III - It's Language
The Immune System
A Solid Rock in the Tempest
The Life in the Soil
Life is Too Short
Confederacies and "A New World Order"





Volume 3 Issue 3


Confederacies and a "New World Order"?
An Appeal to Young Ladies
The Parable of the Medical Missionary Part II
Understanding Prophecy Part II
Time To Grow Your Own Food
Love not Sleep
Burden Bearers are Falling





Volume 3 Issue 2


Understanding Prophecy Part 1
The Parable of the Medical Missionary
Practically and Honestly Speaking
God's Ways to Wellness Part 4
Gardening for True Education





Volume 3 Issue 1


Knowledge of God - Life Eternal
God's Ways to Wellness Part 3
Our Organization
The Perfect Number
Pressing Reasons to Grow Your Own Food






Volume 2 Issue 3


Waldensian Center Trip to Canada
God’s Wellness Part 2
Becoming a Princess (Part 3 of 3)
Answer to Bible Challenge
Waldensian Center Report





Volume 2 Issue 2


It is Not the Majority
“Daddy, I Can’t See You!”
Camp meeting Announcement
Becoming a Princess (Part 2 of 3)
Health Corner
Bible Challenge




Volume 2 Issue 1


The Faith of Jesus
Camp meeting Announcement
Should I Attend This Camp Meeting?
Becoming a Princess (Part 1 of 3)
Health Corner
Think on These Things





Volume 1 Issue 3


Worship in Spirit and Truth
Waldensian Center Report
Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
Marriage a Symbol of Heaven
In the Days of Thy Youth
Health Corner - Dangers of Meat Eating
Waldensian Center New Term
Choose Your Battles Carefully


Volume 1 Issue 2


God’s Call For You
Educated for Heaven
Waldensian Center Update
Newsletter Name
Health Corner - Chlorophyll
Serving In The Lords Army
In God’s Hands
Just Surrender
Deceived By The Truth



Volume 1 Issue 1


Scars of Sin, or the Book of Remembrance
Waldensian Center Report
Seventh Day Home Church Fellowships
A Beetle and a Window
Activity for the Young
Think on These Things