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June 2014 A Publication of Seventh Day Home Church Fellowships Vol 05 - Issue 03

Taking Care With Context

by Thomas Akens

AN often misused and overlooked part of study is “context.” What is context? Context is each individual part, which taken collectively, makes up the form and substance of the whole, and gives to everything contained within the whole a direction and meaning. Simply put, it is all the individual pieces of the body of evidence. For instance, when we pluck a leaf from a tree, we are taking that leaf from its context. If we should then attempt to interpret the meaning or purpose of that leaf apart from its intended connection with the tree, we are in reality taking it out of context, and therefore misunderstanding and misapplying its meaning. Therefore, when we speak of context within the written word, we are speaking of the whole thought or idea – the complete or collective concept, the entire tree, if you will, not just one leaf or branch or trunk, etc. Therefore, if we would know the meaning of any Scripture text, we must then find that meaning within the confines of its own local habitat. Then, and only then, can we rightly support it with added evidence elsewhere.

Context, if left out, would force us into some degree of presumption. Without context we have no valid basis or ground upon which to base any idea, opinion, or tradition, and we are in truth, venturing upon “enchanted” ground. It acts like a map, which, if accurate and detailed, gives us the information we need to arrive at our desired destination.

Such is the purpose of context to all who would rightly divide the word of truth.

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