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Videos on the Godhead

The Ship that's Going Through" by Restitution Ministries

The Omega of Deadly Heresies by Pastor David Sims

This presentation examines the following topics in the light of some Seventh Day Adventist history.

  • The Alpha and Omega of Heresy in the writings of Ellen White
  • Personality of God
  • Office of the Holy Spirit
  • The Third Person of the Godhead

How Many Divine Beings by Pastor David Sims

This study answers the question of how many divine beings from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, while answering seeming objections raised from the Spirit of Prophecy.

What did Arius Really Believe?

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Videos on the Gospel and Sin

See the following youtube playlist for many more videos on:
Nature of Sin, Man, and of Christ, and the Real Gospel

Other Videos by Pastor David Sims

The Sabbath, the Seal of God or, the Golden Clasp

Father - Pastor of the Church in the Home

The father is held responsible by God for the spiritual opportunities, training, nurture, and example he gives to his family. He is the pastor of the church in the home. Learn how the Word of God reveals this through the stories of the patriarchs.


Videos in Chinese! Who is God?

Who is God? Part 1

Who is God? Part 2