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February 2015 A Publication of Seventh Day Home Church Fellowships Vol 06 - Issue 01

Mission Appeal

Peruvian Health Mission


Recently a burden was laid on the hearts of a generous couple for the health work in Peru, and in the Fall of 2013 they donated a 2.468 hector (approximately 6 acres) property to Seventh Day Home Church Fellowship for such purposes. (This couple has family and loved ones in this area of Peru, and has a desire to better their physical and spiritual welfare.)

For those who may not know, Seventh Day Home Church Fellowship (SDHCF) is an association of Sabbath keeping home-churches committed to upholding the Historic principles and doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. SDHCF firmly bases its foundation on the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. It provides the members a vehicle for discussion, study, and a means of organizing to work together for various missionary projects. For more information about SDHCF, go to: https://7thdayhomechurch.org.

This property is located on the outskirts of Tarapoto, Peru. Tarapoto is a quaint city of approximately 120,000 population yet still has the “small town” atmosphere. It is situated at the eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains just west of the Amazon Jungle Basin (Northeast of the capital city Lima). Tarapoto has a temperate climate that averages from the low 70’s to the high 80’s every day, year round. There is a dry season and a rainy season, and it would be considered a subtropical environment.


The countryside surrounding Tarapoto is largely agricultural and grows a variety of foods like beans, corn, rice, potatoes, and quinoa. Many fruits and nuts grow in abundance as well like aloe-vera, avocados, bananas, breadfruit, citrus, coconut, grapes, mangos, noni fruit, olives, papaya, pineapples, Peruvian plums, star fruit, sugarcane, yucca, Brazil nuts, cashews, and several other types of tropical fruits in addition to many of our “normal” vegetables like beets, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, squash, tomatoes and several different herbs and seasonings.

There is a small airport with service of approximately 10 flights per day to and from Tarapoto. Automobiles are a widespread form of ground transportation but the most common method is the motor-taxi (a motorized tricycle taxi).


The people living out and around Tarapoto seem to be simple, hard working farmers and artisans, while the people in town appear to be looking for an alternate way of life through commerce and various business endeavors. Crime is low and Tarapoto seems to be a safe city (as cities go), but one can see the influences of “big city life” encroaching on this old-world town.

Tarapoto hosts several religious persuasions including Catholic, several “Protestant” faiths, and various New Age Spiritualist. There is a strong Adventist presence as well with several churches, (including a reformed church), elementary and secondary schools and an Adventist University. The people of the local Adventist churches are very gracious and kind, yet they seem to be ignorant of many of the basic fundamental principles and doctrines of our Faith. As with many of the churches of this land, there is definite room for improvement!

The property itself is located about a “ten minute walk” from town. Vehicles can drive down into the valley, but most of the motor-taxis don’t like to leave the flat, paved streets above.


Nestled at the bottom of the hill, with a beautiful stream crossing through the middle of the property, sits the “Tarapotillo Farm”. The gravel road passes around and the through the property making easier access to it. In the front of the lot stands the remains of a block home that was destroyed by fire, yet it appears that some of the structure could be utilized to rebuild on the site. There are a few large mango trees and several citrus trees around that homestead too. Other than that, no additional development has taken place on the property. Electricity is accessible and there is cell phone reception as well.

The terrain is rather hilly and very beautiful, but would not be the best for large-scale agriculture. However, several fruit trees and small areas could easily be planted for more adequate food supplies. In addition to the creek that passes through the property, there are 2 or 3 fresh and pure springs that originate on the property and feed into the creek.

This past May, Wally & Anna Maria Woodward, Michael Woodward, and Todd & Caleb Brown made a trip down and evaluated the mission potential in this area of Peru. After assessing the town, the people, and the property, and reporting back to the SDHCF board, it was determined that a Health Retreat would be an ideal wedge that God could use to introduce both physical and spiritual reform and reformation to the community in and around Tarapoto.

fruit vendor

Peru is a country where GMO foods are not allowed, and one could easily and economically grow, eat, and educate a healthy vegan lifestyle. There seems to be a real area of ignorance when it comes to health reform, and healthy living is scarce among the people. It appears the community is ripe for a “clinic” offering simple natural remedies and educational classes to the public. Intermingled with these natural remedies the Gospel would be presented to open the way for spiritual growth.

Another self-supporting Adventist mission, Peru Projects located in central Peru, reported in their May 2014 newsletter that the people of Peru are ripe for “cooking classes and health seminars.” No question, the needs are great and the people seem to be ready!

We are looking to construct two homes of approximately 2000 square feet each. One would be of a conventional floor plan with a kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, etc. The other would consist of a small apartment with a treatment facility and an all purpose living/meeting room. After doing research as to some of the local building regulations, as well as looking at material costs, we believe that 30,000 USD will be enough funds to make some of the first stages of this project a reality.

Temporary housing is available while undergoing this initial stage of development, and then these two homes would provide housing for at least two or three couples or families.

While building, we would also like to begin making contacts in the community and start with simple “house to house” treatments and educational presentations. (At present, there are two ladies who have repeatedly requested help for their physical infirmities.)

Qualified couples and families have been contacted, and they are praying about joining these efforts as well! We believe God has a work to be done in Tarapoto, and now we are openly informing the brethren of our plans and intentions.

remains of building

We are looking for your support. Primarily we need prayer for God’s leading in these efforts. Please keep the Peruvian Health Retreat in your prayers! We also need well balanced, converted personnel who are willing to give of their time and energies. People, young and older, are needed on a short-term bases to help with some of the initial development and infrastructure. People to help construct housing and treatment facilities, plant and clear for gardens and water systems. We are looking to coordinate short-term mission trips for such people who love the Lord and want to support these efforts.

Also we need people of like mind and faith, who know and can share God’s Word, people who are skilled in the medical missionary field, people who can speak Spanish or are willing to learn, people who are willing to take a year or two out of their lives to help spread the Gospel in Tarapoto!

Lastly, we need to raise the financial resources to help get this project started. We want to start small, and we should never despise the day of small beginnings, but even with small beginnings, it takes money to get started. Please pray and see if the Lord leads you to partner with us in the Peruvian Health Retreat!

For additional information, comments, or questions, please contact Todd Brown by phone at (256) 610-3350, or email tbrjbrtown@aol.com and reference the subject line as “Peruvian Health Mission.”

Missionary School in Philippines and Elsewhere

The work of the gospel is moving forward in the Philippines. Many individuals and groups have accepted the good news about God and there are many young people wanting to be trained and educated under the principles of true education.

Because of this need, Restitution Ministries has started a missionary school in the Philippines (Click here for more details.). The desire and goal for this school is to follow the blue print of true education. Although currently located in Ilocos Sur at Brother Carlos Romero's Health Restoration country site, it is still in need of more land to provide the necessary agriculture and industrial training. There are eleven students attending the school right now, and others that are ready to attend at the beginning of the next session. We have a few small hand and power tools to teach some trades, but there is still a great need to purchase more tools and equipment. We need table saws, chop saws, reciprocating saws, drills, sanders, planers, a lathe, drill press, as well as sewing machines, farm implements, etc.

There is need of proper education. Schools should be established for the purpose of obtaining not only knowledge from books, but knowledge of practical industry. (Fundamentals of Christian Education page 316.2)

Our purpose is to bring the school into the position of being self supporting, so it does not need to constantly be supported from overseas. Also, the students need to be able to earn their own tuition, so even those who otherwise could not afford it may attend. This requires some initial funding to get things started, and may require donations from time to time for help with special projects. To accomplish this, we need to establish industries, where the students and teachers can work to help support the school. These industries are of great importance for the growth of the students and for any Christian School that wants to be established upon the principles true education. There is a great need for trained consecrated young men and women to work in the vineyard of the Master.

In acquiring an education, many students would gain a most valuable training if they would become self-sustaining. Instead of incurring debts, or depending on the self-denial of their parents, let young men and young women depend on themselves. They will thus learn the value of money, the value of time, strength, and opportunities, and will be under far less temptation to indulge idle and spendthrift habits. The lessons of economy, industry, self-denial, practical business management, and steadfastness of purpose, thus mastered, would prove a most important part of their equipment for the battle of life. And the lesson of self-help learned by the student would go far toward preserving institutions of learning from the burden of debt under which so many schools have struggled, and which has done so much toward crippling their usefulness. (Education page 221.2)

The need for schools founded upon true education is not only present in the Philippines for we are also actively working to begin a similar school in another island country as well.

If you are impressed to help with these projects that will bring true Education to our young people in these countries, please contact David Sims: admin@seventhdayhomechurchfellowships.org

Thank you for your help,

David Sims

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