1872-1889 SDA Fundamental Beliefs

1872 and 1889 SDA Fundamental Principles

Concerning the formation of our fundamental principles we are told:

"The past fifty years have not dimmed one jot or principle of our faith as we received the great and wonderful evidences that were made certain to us in 1844, after the passing of the time. The languishing souls are to be confirmed and quickened according to His Word. . . . Not a word is changed or denied. That which the Holy Spirit testified to as truth after the passing of the time, in our great disappointment, is the solid foundation of truth. [The] pillars of truth were revealed, and we accepted the foundation principles that have made us what we are - Seventh-day Adventists, keeping the commandments of God and having the faith of Jesus." - Upward Look, p. 352.4

1872 Statements of Belief

1872 Fundamental Principles

1889 Revised Statements of Belief

1889 Fundamental Principles


Study Guides of 1872 and 1889 Fundamental Principles

Note: the 1872 and 1889 fundamental principles are identical except for the addition of three points in the 1889 declaration. Those three points have been added at the end of the list.

Study Guide 1 - God the Father

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Pioneer Writings

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Study Guide 2 - Christ

Study Guide 3 - The Scriptures

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Study Guide 4 - Baptism

Study Guide 5 - The New Birth

Study Guide 6 - Prophecy

Study Guide 7 - Chains of Prophecy

Study Guide 8 - Scoffers in The Last Days

Study Guide 9 - The Cleansing of The Sanctuary

Study Guide 10 - The Heavenly Sanctuary

Study Guide 11 - The Immutable Law of God

Study Guide 12 - The Sabbath

Study Guide 13 - Sabbath Reform Prophesied

Study Guide 14 - Conversion

Study Guide 15 - Justification and Grace in Christ

Study Guide 16 - Spiritual Gifts

Study Guide 17 - Three Angels Messages

Study Guide 18 - The Investigative Judgment

Study Guide 19 - The Place of the Dead

Study Guide 20 - The State of the Dead

Study Guide 21 - The Two Resurrections

Study Guide 22 - The Change

Study Guide 23 - The Millenium

Study Guide 24 - The Third Coming

Study Guide 25 - The New Heavens and Earth

Added points from 1889 Fundamental Principles

1889 Study Guide 14 - A Peculiar People

1889 Study Guide 15 - Christian Dress

1889 Study Guide 16 - Financial Obligation