October 22, 2015

France Medical Missionary Training & Camp Meeting


Dusan and The Bolottes After leaving Serbia, I took with me a young man who was baptized just one year before, during my last visit to Serbia. He was anxious to learn all he could and get experience in the Lord's work. Our first stop was France, where in the beginning of September I conducted a medical missionary training session for a week. This was an exciting time. It was an intensive course, for we were choosing a portion of some of the courses that we normally take a year to cover. It was largely theory, but we also did some practical aspects as well.

There were about 9 adults between the ages of 24 to 50, and some at times joined through the web conference. It was challenging for the parents who had to also care for 5 children, between the ages of new born and up to 7 years and a half. The parents took turns caring for the children outside, and at times they sat quietly coloring or playing with toys.

Each training day began at 8:30 am with a group worship followed by a lesson. There was a break for meals, followed by further study. The day ended with a group worship around 7 p.m.

There was one main translator with others helping from time to time. The presence of two nurses was a valuable asset for the translation of medical terms.

The program included:

  • Disease and its causes

  • Environmental factors on health

  • God's Remedies and the eight laws

  • Hydrotherapy

  • The endocrine system

    group at camp
  • Herbology

  • Natural first aid

  • Natural pain relief

  • Cleansing programs

  • Alternative modalities

  • Natural personal care products

The lady of the house where we conducted the Seminar testified: “The Lord has inspired his servant.... to give us a basis to get into the Bible and the spirit of prophecy, and we were guided by the holy spirit in our research and practice.”

Nurse Student

One student, who was a nurse, said: “The program began with Disease and Its causes, and toward the close there were practical workshops on poultice making of various types, and hydrotherapy including: steam baths, alternating sitsbaths, etc. We learned to make a natural tooth powder, a colon cleanse / detox powder.” “The training made available to us was of the Lord.” One exclaimed, “I never knew there was so much science in natural remedies!”

The nurse continued, “For the majority of those present, the training session surpassed their expectations as does the Lord every day respond beyond our expectations. Indeed, in the country of France there has been no medical missionary training consistent with the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy until now.”
“At each presentation the Lord taught the members present
how to maintain and improve their physical, mental and spiritual health to give glory to God.”

out doors


Camp Meeting

During the medical missionary training we partook of the Lord's Supper, and at the close of the seminar we packed up and went a short distance away to a beautiful spot beside a lake, where we held a camp meeting. The accommodations were very nice with clean warm cabins and a spacious hall to hold our meetings.


The topics were instructional, spiritual, and timely. We began the camp considering lessons to be learned from the situation that led up to the General Conference held in Minneapolis in 1888. During the weekend we studied the principles of music, the dangers of neutrality, headline news in the light of prophecy, the sealing, an overview of the book of Revelation, and we discussed many questions people raised.

The highlight of the camp was the baptism of seven people. The stormy day, cold water, and ambient air temperature was not enough to deter these determined souls.

The camp meeting was a true blessing, because of the fellowship with each other and our Saviour, and the bread of life from the Word. Many were determined to conduct another camp meeting next year, if this world continues.