Fiji Report - July 23, 2015


We are sitting on a boat, on an 11 hour trip returning from a mission trip on one of the islands of Fiji, and almost everyone in the large room is laying on benches and the floor, sick. The ferry we are riding on was designed for protected water, not open seas. Its flat bottom causes us to rock too and fro wildly. Another bus and ferry was full, which we had intended to take, but the Lord intended us to meet some individuals on this boat and share, and we have made plans for further studies with one fellow traveler.

Events have been happening rapidly. Divine appointments are a daily routine. We shared a few tracts and books on the street, and market, inviting various ones to attend our Sabbath worship. We met with a young believer, and shared principles about making a distinction between the sacred and the common.


We spoke of the Pope's agenda and the fulfillment of prophecy, as well as recent supreme court decisions in the USA and the far reaching consequences. We spoke of the law of God, the Sabbath, the Mark of the beast, and the gods of Babylon. One school teacher who has received DVDs produced by RM and had seeds of truth planted previously by some believers, was very attentive and inquisitive as we watered the seeds that had been sown. She is now seeing the truths she has been learning in a clearer light than before.


We had more opportunities the next day to share with various ones, including a man who inquired about a theory circulating among some believers, ensnaring them, which comes from the ancient Babylonian moon cult and causes SDAs who fall into this error to give up the Bible Sabbath. We addressed this issue on Sabbath before a group of people and found out that some people attending had been approached just that week by someone, and had been unsettled in their faith. They were very pleased and said we had answered their questions and restored peace of mind to them.

We shared principles with a small group of believers about contemporary “Christian” music and how to distinguish between good and evil music, and played various examples. It was received humbly and with appreciation.


We traveled some distance, and stayed with a village chief and received a warm welcome. He and some others have been back-slidden Sabbath Keepers. We invited villagers to attend a meeting a few hours later, and that evening there were about 40 people that came to the chief's house and sat on his porch to hear the word of God. We shared prophecies, signs of the times, Sabbath and the law of God, and made appeals to repent and return to God. Many stood in response to an appeal to commit themselves to the Lord for the first time or recommit themselves to the Lord, including non-Sabbath keepers. One tomato farmer, a Sunday keeper, has given up coffee, tea, tobacco, grog, etc. He was very interested to hear more when we shared with him about the New World Order, and the coming Sunday laws and the Mark of the Beast.

We visited some in the village in their home, exhorting and encouraging, and doors have been opened to return. They were hungering and thirsting for the truth. One we visited found the sabbath 4 years ago by searching the Bible himself. During our visit, he seemed determined to repent from backsliding and to be faithful. We left him greatly encouraged.


We watered some seeds previously planted, with one family we stayed with. They were very grateful to learn how Christians began keeping the first day of the week instead of the 7th for Sabbath, and how to keep from being deceived when Satan impersonates the coming of Christ. We pray that they will continue in the truths they have received.

Some of the places we have stayed at, had no grid electricity, and no running water. It has been a busy mission trip as usual, with constant travel and meeting people. We can not praise God enough for the blessings of being:

In the Master's service,

Eddy and Lily Dominico, Chris Sparks, Morgan Polsky, and David Sims