Health Corner

The Need for Pure Air

When God formed man of the dust of the ground, the first thing he did, and that which transformed this clay image into a living breathing human being was; He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. There was obviously much more in this breath of life than merely air, but nevertheless, without physical air, life does not exist either. If you were to hold your breath you would probably feel anxious for air after only a few seconds. If you were to hold it for even half a minute, you would find yourself gasping for breath to compensate for the time you missed. It becomes very obvious then just how necessary air is to our life and health.

The food we eat will only give us energy if we also take in sufficient quantities of oxygen. How important, then, is it that the air we breathe is pure and fresh. The large cities contain limited amounts of oxygen, are congested with pollution, and often broadcast warnings of poor or dangerous air quality, advising people to stay indoors to avoid the poisonous atmosphere. Yet how many purposely poison the air they take in with tobacco smoke and other drugs. A recent TV news program reported on the dangers of using harsh chemicals in cleaning our homes. Special emphasis was given to so called “air fresheners” which do not freshen the air but instead fill it with cancer causing substances. Even if we were to wear a gas mask or oxygen mask our bodies would absorb the elements in the atmosphere around us through the pores in the skin.

This is a fitting illustration in spiritual things as well. The influences around us affect our minds and bodies through the electrical impulses of our nerves. Small children are quick to pick up the attitudes of the people around them even when no words are spoken. The crowded cities, polluted with vice, greed, and pride, quickly leave their impression on every cell of our being. We cannot remain unaffected if we willingly stay in the unholy atmosphere. Unless we seek the presence of God through prayer and the indwelling of His Spirit, the pollution of worldliness will impair our spiritual health. A wise God directed His people to seek homes in the country where the air is pure and the mind is brought into contact with nature’s influence of blessing and peace, where our minds are often drawn in gratitude and praise to the Creator.

Even with a home in the country, many will bring the evil influence of the city with them, through television, computers and unwholesome books. Even by cherishing a root of bitterness, they may drive away the Spirit of God and poison their own souls and the lives of those around them

Prayer is the breath of the soul to lift us above the cares of this life and raise us up to sit together with Him in heavenly places.

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